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The Chicago Nupur Dance Academy focuses on achieving exceptional standards of Indian Classical dance. We believe in nurturing creativity and artistic development, and offer a warm and positive environment to foster the growth that all aspiring dancers want and need.

Students at Chicago Nupur Dance Academy (CNDA) are trained in the art while maintaining its pristine purity. Constant effort is made to make the teaching as effective and interesting as possible, in the traditional Gurukul way, without compromising on the technical aspects of style. It aims not just to teach dance for the year-end recital or performing at various events but to also introduce many skills necessary to become an accomplished and astute learner for years to come.

Mahaswata Ganguly has done her MBA and studied Marketing at the University of California Berkeley. Mahaswata started learning Kathak at the very tender age of 3. Since then the music, the rhythm, the sounds of ghungroo, and the cosmos help her to dance to every beat of the Taal. She completed a Master's (Kathak Alankaar) in the Indian Classical dance Kathak, with distinction. She also completed Visharad in Rabindra Nritya with distinction. She has been awarded a scholarship in the field of Kathak from the All India Classical Dance competition in 2006 under the Department of Culture, Govt. of India. She has performed in different parts of West Bengal and other parts of India as well as in the USA. She performed at NABC 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. She secured first position and achieved the District Championship in Kathak and Rabindra Nritya in All India Youth Foundation held in Burdwan, West Bengal. In the last few years, she performed in Kathak and Semi-Classical at different venues in California, USA.

Mahaswata is a Ganda-Bandhan student of Legendary Kathak maestro NrityaShiromoni Guru Bandana Sen.

Guru Mahaswata Ganguly

Founder & Director of Chicago Nupur Dance Academy

Our Gurus

NrityaShiromoni Guru Bandana Sen
Nrityavilash Guru Suchandra Banerjee

Guru Bandana Sen

Legendary Kathak maestro NrityaShiromoni Guru Bandana Sen is amongst the finest dancers that India has ever produced. Kumari Bandana Sen is one of the greatest. Born of a very cultured, educated family, she was mostly inspired by her late father Sri P. C. Sen, a Barrister of Calcutta High Court. She had her early training in Jaipur Gharana from famous dancer Smt. Jaikumari Debi and later she became fortunate enough to get guidance from the legendary Maestro in Lucknow Gharana Nritya Samrat' Sambhu Maharaj.

It is said that whenever NRITYA SHIROMONI Bandana Sen starts her dance, it appears that a thousand lotus blossoms on the stage. Her dance is exquisite, illuminating, and forceful. Style is full of elegance, chaste and captivating. From her appearance on the stage, she makes an immediate rapport with the audience through her towering personality. Her exposition of ‘bhava’ (expression) is so graceful and poetic that she is called the Queen of expression'. It is an additional attraction to hear her distinct ‘bols’ on different ‘talas’, Urdu ‘Sairees’ (Poems), and sweet songs.

Titles ‘NRITYA SHIROMONI’, ‘KATHAK QUEEN’, ‘BHAV SAMRAGGI’, ‘NRITYASRI’ Gold medals from the President of India, Sir Jahangir Gandhi. Sir Padampat Singhania. Nawab Sir Reza AH Khan Bahadur; Gold KUKRI from King of Nepal.

Apart from her dancing career, Kumari Sen is bearing the responsibility of Advisory Committee member and Judge of Television, Rabindra Bharati University, All India Post & Telegraph Association, Paschim Banga Rajya Sangeet Academy, All India Fine Arts Association, and some other Government and eminent private organizations. She has choreographed many productions on Kathak dance. Such as The history of Kathak through the ages, Raagmala, Ritumala, Rhythm of India, Devotees through the ages, Shakuntala, Meerabai, Siddharta, etc. Moreover, for the upliftment and development of Kathak dance, she is running her own institutions Nupur Dance Academy' and Vandana School of Kathak', which are recognized as leading dance institutes in India. Here many students from India and abroad are getting her direct training and guidance.

Pandit Bindadin Maharaj
Pandit Kalika Prasad Maharaj

Disciple of Pandit Bindadin Maharaj

Pandit Lachhu Maharaj

Disciple of Pandit Bindadin Maharaj

Pandit Shambhu Maharaj

Son of Pt. Kalika Prasad Maharaj